Do you sponsor or make donations to individuals or families?

No, Lithia supports 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organizations only.

What is a grant submission period?

The grant submission period is an annual 30-day window in which we accept, review, and decide on Lithia 4Kids Community Giving Grant applications.

When is your grant submission period?

Our annual grant submission period is from November 1-November 30 for the subsequent year.

How do I submit a Lithia 4Kids Community Grant request?

Our grant application is done through an online process. To submit an application, click the Grant Submission button above, and fill out the Request Form during the 30-day timeframe.

Can I submit a request outside the grant submission window?

We know things come up. Please note our grant submission period offers flexibility, and we will take submissions after the deadline into careful consideration.

When will I be contacted about the status of my application?

After the completion of our grant submission window on November 30, we will review your application and you will receive notification whether your grant request has been approved or declined.

My nonprofit organization needs a vehicle. Does Lithia donate vehicles?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of these types of requests, we do not gift vehicles. Our Lithia Direct Sales Team can work with qualified nonprofit organizations looking to purchase a vehicle by helping to locate an appropriate vehicle through our network of stores and ensure all your pricing and transportation questions are answered.

You can contact the Lithia Direct Sales Team at or 866-587-5448


Grant Submission Period

We are currently closed to submissions for 2023. Please review the timeline below.

We know life happens; if you would like to submit a request outside of our grant submission window, please send your request to

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November 01

Submissions opened

November 30

Submission deadline